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A.H.Cs detailed and specialized products enable the most optimized skincare system according to each skin type and to each skin treatment. In particular, when they are used by professional aestheticians in salons, they can be practically used to provide a professional skincare line. A.H.C has created a total solution through its more professional and more functional product-lines which can be best suited for each users skin comcerns.

Based on the phyto-science utilizing natural plants ingredients, A.H.C aims to produce products with a good hydration performance, which is the basic for skincare. A.H.Cs products help your skin safe and healthy, and provide a balanced skincare system, helping to manage skin troubles. Further, they accomplish hydrated, comfortable and healthy skin by revitalizing it with skin-friendly nature and water ingredients.

A.H.C provides high quality professional skincare products, produced with its world-level high technology. It tries to develop high-tech cosmetics such as cosmeceuticals which integrates beauty and science, in order to bring a fundamental care on skin conditions. A.H.Cs products, based on the skin science mechanism, control skin functions and form the most optimized environment for skin to create healthy skin

A.H.C develops a systemized skin mechanism for healthy skin, which is not only scientific, but also sensitive. Through such products, it pursues the holistic skincare, aiming to create a healthy body and mind, as well as beautiful skin. It also pursues the well-being skincare by giving a relaxation to skin, using aroma therapy, color therapy and thalasso therapy, and helping skin to discover its own beauty and to manage the beautiful skin.